Version 0.15.3

Today we publish an update!

  • A “byteorder” can now be configured for all IOs of the classes RevPiIO() and RevPiStructIO(). This is important for the int () conversion for values ​​that are more than one byte long, e.g. At RevPi gateways (default is “little”)
  • The class attribute “signed” has been inserted for the RevPiIO() class. This can be set to True if the int() conversion of the bytes() with sign is desired.
    Particularly interesting for “counters” of the DI, DO and DIO modules, which in the case of down counting, otherwise display 65535.
    rpi.devices["dio"]["Counter_1"].signed = True
    rpi.devices[ "dio"][ "Counter_1"].value
    Which would now show -1.
  • Magic method __contains__ added to RevPiDevicelist and RevPiDevice. Now, queries are possible in the form of “dio02” in rpi.devices and “I_1” in rpi.devices [“dio02”], which check whether a device name is present or an IO name.
  • RevPiDevicelist now also supports the Build-In function len (rpi.devices), which returns the number of devices including Core.
  • RevPiDevicelist has got the new function writedefaultinputs(self, virtual_device).
  • And other important internal changes that make this update necessary.

Version 0.15.2

This version has a few small bug fixes, which occur under certain conditions.

  • Should an error occur on the / dev / piControl0 device, e.g. due to a reset, this error is normally caught. In the version starting from 0.15.0, however, this raises an error itself 🙁
  • If you use auto_refresh and the RevPiModIO is newly instantiated within the same program without call .cleanup(), the auto_refresh mode does not terminate cleanly.
  • Fixed monitoring mode RevPiModIO(monitoring=True)
  • Since version 0.8.8, reg_event can also be used to register outputs in event monitoring. However, these were not evaluated.


Version 0.15.1 – Faster, fewer resources and better .wait () function!

NOTE: RevPiModio.devices.wait(…) Function is no longer compatible with previous versions!

We reworked our RevPiModIO module! This gives us better performance at .readprocimg () / .writeprocimg () and consumes fewer resources.

The RevPiModio.devices.wait (…) function has been completely rewritten. The old version had a return value of only True or False. It was not possible to evaluate the different cancel conditions, but this is urgently needed.
The Returned value is now an int() value! Values less than or equal to 0 are a successful wait, values greater than 0 are triggered abort conditions, such as the exitevent or the timeout.
More detailed in our Documentation.

In addition, all RevPiModIO.devices [0]. * Procimgdev () functions have been removed as they have been marked as superfluous. Alternatively, the function can be performed by parameter transfer of the device to RevPiModIO.devices. * Procimg (device).You could also submit a list here RevPiModIO.devices. * Procimg ([device1, device2]).
More detailed in our Documentation.

Version 0.10.0 – Bugfixes and Jessie!

The Kunbus GmbH will now publish their new Jessie – Image for the Revolution Pi! Our RevPiModIO has been adapted for the new image and is now released for both versions (wheezy and jessie)!

BUGFIXES: This version also includes bug fixes and should be imported by everyone (regardless of the Jessie image)!

In addition, we are proud to announce that our module in the Jessie Image can be obtained via the Kunbus Repositories! So the installation and the update is easily made!

# Update first
pi@RevPi ~/ $ sudo apt-get update

# And install easily
pi@RevPi ~/ $ sudo apt-get install python3-revpimodio

The updates will of course be automatically imported, if you update your RevPi.

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