Version 2.1.5

Small update

  • The function .cycleloop() now takes over the cycle time transferred by the optional parameter cycletime before the first run.
  • Processing of defaultvalues from piCtory improved.


Version 2.0.5

Minor update:

  • Access to the RevPi core temperature via .core.temperature
  • Troubleshooting when using simulator=True on instantiation
  • Improved performance during instantiation


Version 2.0.2

Version 2.0.2 is stable!

After many test hours and a few minor improvements, RevPiModIO 2 is now FINAL! 😀

INFOS about the new version will be available soon!

In addition to the new, simplified syntax, we have added a new parameter “delay” for .reg_event (...) and the new function .reg_timerevent (...).


Version 1.0.0 – final!

After many months of development and new features, we have now released the final version!

RevPiModIO Version 1

In addition to a few refinements and a bugfix with the byte order of the default values, this version is worthy to get the version number 1 😀

This version is still maintained, but we have learned by the development and the version 2 is in the starting holes! Look at the new syntax, which also offers many advantages in an interactive Python shell on the RevPi!

RevPiModIO version 2

Version 0.16.1 – analog module

There is a new update for the use of the analog module AIO.

  • IOs of the analog module are instantiated with “signed=True”. This activates the value calculation with a sign. Otherwise, the value -1 would be 65535 and negative values would not be allowed in assignments.