RevPiModIO 2 – Downloads and sources

Version 2.5.10 from 04/21/2022


If you have the Jessie or Stretch Image on your core, just install our module from the Kunbus repository (or this Wheezy update):

pi@RevPi ~/ $ sudo apt-get update

# Install
pi@RevPi ~/ $ sudo apt-get install python3-revpimodio2

# Update (all)
pi@RevPi ~/ $ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

On any other device (Linux, Windows, mac), e.g. to use the network functions, our module can be loaded via the Python Package Index (pip):

pip install revpimodio2

Debian packages for installation on the RevolutionPi-Core or other .deb using Linux distribution:

python3-revpimodio2_2.5.10-1_all.deb *

Directly in the RevPi-Core or other .deb using Linux distribution:

pi@RevPi ~/ $ wget
pi@RevPi ~/ $ sudo dpkg -i python3-revpimodio2_2.5.10-1_all.deb

Download source code as .tar.gz:

revpimodio2-2.5.10.tar.gz *


* This is a community project, it is based on the LGPLv3 license! There are absolutely NO warranties on function or correctness! You accept this by download and use of this software.