About RevPiModIO

We heard of an “Open Source IPC based on the Raspberry Pi” called RevolutionPi and wanted to learn more about it!

After some tests and “playing around” with this system, the first serious applications for the industrial application already emerged!

The hardware configuration is done via a web page, which is located on the PiCore module. The program is called “piCtory”. If this configuration is created and activated, the data of the IOs and gateway modules are exchanged via a 4096 byte process Image.

With Python3, you can access this process image with a FileHandler and read and write the data of the modules … On the correct offsets … Single bits in the byte … In your own loop … Evaluate data … … … Do things… … … … …

And this is exactly the exchange we have taken to heart and developed a Python 3 module that allows you to access the right places directly! For example NAMES.

In piCtory, the configuration system on the RevPi core, names can be assigned for all modules and their inputs and outputs. These names can also be addressed directly with RevPiModIO in Python. The module then takes care of reading and writing at the right places in the process image.

Even with hardware changes but the same names of the IOs, the actual Python3 source code does not have to be changed!