Over the network – revpimodio2

NOTE: In order to connect to the Revolution Pi, RevPiPyLoad must be running with activated plcserver = 1 parameter! In addition, the IP of the computer must be listed in the /etc/revpipyload/aclplcserver.conf file!

The main class, which is instantiated and provides all access to the IOs of the Revolution Pi over the network.

revpimodio2.RevPiNetIO(address, [autorefresh=False, monitoring=False, syncoutputs=True, debug=False, replace_io_file=None, direct_output=False])
Use only specific devices
revpimodio2.RevPiNetIOSelected(address, deviceselection, [autorefresh=False, monitoring=False, syncoutputs=True, debug=False, replace_io_file=None, direct_output=False])
  • deviceselection = Single or list of Devices of the RevPi Core to be managed.
    You can use the name <class ‘str’>, the position number <class ‘int’> or a list <class ‘list’> of names or position numbers.
Use virtual device to write data to inputs (driver)
revpimodio2.RevPiNetIODriver(address, virtdev, [autorefresh=False, syncoutputs=True, debug=False, replace_io_file=None, direct_output=False])
  • virtdev = Name or position number of a virtual device as <class ‘str’> or <class ‘int’> or a list name / position number <class ‘list’>. In these virtual devices data can be written to inputs and just read outputs. This means that other applications can access this data via the process image.

NOTE: Parameter ‘monitoring’ and ‘simulator’ are not available.

Instantiating Parameters

All parameters except address are identical to the RevPiModIO – see documentation.

  • address = IP address of revolution pi
    IP-Adresse oder Hostname als <class ‘str’>
  • replace_io_file
    This parameter has the same structure as RevPiModIO, but also accepts the value replace_io_file=":network:". This loads the file for replace_io through RevPiPyLoad over the network (this must be specified in the configuration).

Additional class attributes (besides those of RevPiModIO)
  • config_changed
    This value is True, if the piCtory or replace_io configuration was changed on the connected Revolution Pi.
    Also a ConfigChanged Exception will be thrown.
  • reconnecting
    The value of .reconnecting is True, if the network had a failure and the module is actual reconnecting to RevPiPyLoad.
Additional class functions (besides those of RevPiModIO)


Clean disconnect of the connection to the revolution Pi. This function must always be called at the end of the program to prevent writing of the passed default values on the revolution pi.


Deletes the default values to be written on the revolution pi on dirty disconnect.


Sets the default values to be written in case of a connection abort or failure.