RevPiCommander – Downloads and sources

Version 0.9.10rc7 From 02/20/2023

The versions for Windows and macOS run without Python being installed on the computer – the Python program is packed with PyInstaller.

Windows Installer (created with InnoSetup)
Setup, signed.

RevPi Commander 0.9.10rc7.exe

macOS diskimage
DMG package, signed and notarized.

RevPi Commander 0.9.10rc7 apple.dmg (Apple Silicon)
RevPi Commander 0.9.10rc7 intel.dmg (Intel)

Download source code as .tar.gz:

revpicommander-0.9.10rc7.tar.gz *

Also available from the Python Package Index:

pip install revpicommander

* This is a community project, it is based on the GPLv3 license! There are absolutely NO warranties on function or correctness! You accept this by download and use of this software.