Version 0.15.3

Today we publish an update!

  • A “byteorder” can now be configured for all IOs of the classes RevPiIO() and RevPiStructIO(). This is important for the int () conversion for values ​​that are more than one byte long, e.g. At RevPi gateways (default is “little”)
  • The class attribute “signed” has been inserted for the RevPiIO() class. This can be set to True if the int() conversion of the bytes() with sign is desired.
    Particularly interesting for “counters” of the DI, DO and DIO modules, which in the case of down counting, otherwise display 65535.
    rpi.devices["dio"]["Counter_1"].signed = True
    rpi.devices[ "dio"][ "Counter_1"].value
    Which would now show -1.
  • Magic method __contains__ added to RevPiDevicelist and RevPiDevice. Now, queries are possible in the form of “dio02” in rpi.devices and “I_1” in rpi.devices [“dio02”], which check whether a device name is present or an IO name.
  • RevPiDevicelist now also supports the Build-In function len (rpi.devices), which returns the number of devices including Core.
  • RevPiDevicelist has got the new function writedefaultinputs(self, virtual_device).
  • And other important internal changes that make this update necessary.