This class inherits from RevPiIOBase and expands ist range of functions.

In addition to byte or bitwise access to the value, this value can also be directly returned or set as int().

class RevPiIO(RevPiIOBase)

The following attributes are changed:


Gets or sets the configured byte order. Valid values are “little” or “big”.


Gets or sets the property that specifies whether the int() converted values should be output with or without (default) signed.


Returns or sets the value as int().

The value is converted from the bytes() in the process image! The byteorder attribute can be set to “little” (default) or “big”. If you need the value with sign (-), set the “signed” attribute to True.

The following additional functions are provided:


Returns the value as a number int () considering the “byteorder” and the “signed” value


Sets the value to “value”, which is passed as a number int () and converted with considering the “byteorder” and “signed” value