Version 0.15.1 – Faster, fewer resources and better .wait () function!

NOTE: RevPiModio.devices.wait(…) Function is no longer compatible with previous versions!

We reworked our RevPiModIO module! This gives us better performance at .readprocimg () / .writeprocimg () and consumes fewer resources.

The RevPiModio.devices.wait (…) function has been completely rewritten. The old version had a return value of only True or False. It was not possible to evaluate the different cancel conditions, but this is urgently needed.
The Returned value is now an int() value! Values less than or equal to 0 are a successful wait, values greater than 0 are triggered abort conditions, such as the exitevent or the timeout.
More detailed in our Documentation.

In addition, all RevPiModIO.devices [0]. * Procimgdev () functions have been removed as they have been marked as superfluous. Alternatively, the function can be performed by parameter transfer of the device to RevPiModIO.devices. * Procimg (device).You could also submit a list here RevPiModIO.devices. * Procimg ([device1, device2]).
More detailed in our Documentation.