Version 0.10.0 – Bugfixes and Jessie!

The Kunbus GmbH will now publish their new Jessie – Image for the Revolution Pi! Our RevPiModIO has been adapted for the new image and is now released for both versions (wheezy and jessie)!

BUGFIXES: This version also includes bug fixes and should be imported by everyone (regardless of the Jessie image)!

In addition, we are proud to announce that our module in the Jessie Image can be obtained via the Kunbus Repositories! So the installation and the update is easily made!

# Update first
pi@RevPi ~/ $ sudo apt-get update

# And install easily
pi@RevPi ~/ $ sudo apt-get install python3-revpimodio

The updates will of course be automatically imported, if you update your RevPi.

Downloads and sources