Version 2.5.5

Important update

  • Implementation of RevPi Flat (still without .core IOs).
  • Hardening of NetIO (process image over the network).
  • The call .cycleloop now accepts an optional blocking parameter. If you do not want the Cycleloop to be executed exclusively, blocking=False can be set – Same as blocking parameter of the .mainloop.
  • shared_procimg can now be set per device. This makes it possible, for example, to use only the core module as shared and the rest as exclusive.
    Each device now has the function .device.device_name.shared_procimg(activate: bool).
  • If shared_procimg=True, the new values are now also immediately set in the .io variables.
  • Bugfix: When shared_procimg=True, the .core.An LEDs were not set.
  • The .export flag of replaced IOs can be adjusted in the program at runtime. This setting is will be saved by .export_replaced_ios() in the configuration file – read from there.