Version 2.4.2

Important update!

This update fixes minor common errors and critical errors in network functions!

  • Fixed an issue with all RevPiNetIO classes that prevented a reconnect under certain circumstances.
  • Bug fix when using prefire and as_thread in .reg_event(...).
  • Error correction in export file for replaced IOs
  • Error correction, setting delayed events to .core.ios, such as. .core.a1green, .core.x2in etc.
  • Warnings are issued once when errors occur and after the errors have been eliminated. No more warning floods in the console!
  • Error counter on process image improved.
  • The function .reg_event(...) accepts parameter prefire=True and will execute this event immediately on entering the .mainloop()[Doc].
  • All RevPiNetIO classes require RevPiPyLoad version at least 0.8.0!
  • RevPiNetIO classes have the attribute .reconnecting, which can be used to query whether the connection has been torn down temporarily.
  • All RevPiNetIO connections are disconnected when changing piCtory or replace_ios.conf. The attribute .config_changed will be True and a new instantiation is needed.
  • IOs exported with .replace_io(...) can be exported to a file and used by other instances or RevPiPyLoad / Control with .export_replace_ios().
  • Parameter replace_io_file for RevPiModIO introduced, for the import of the exported file. With RevPiNetIO :network: can be used to import this data via RevPiPyLoad over the network.
  • Added parameter direct_output at instantiation [Doc].
  • Indexed access to IOs via .device possible (.device.dio01[0].value).