Version 2.1.2

Important update!

This update fixes the following errors and introduces new network features:

  • Revision of event monitoring (mainloop). The mainloop has been implemented more efficiently and uses less system resources.
  • During event monitoring (mainloop), further events are now recognized during the execution of an event function and transferred for processing.
  • Event functions specified as_thread=True are started immediately in parallel, independent of the processing of other event functions!
  • Added network function. RevPiNetIO, RevPiNetIOSelected and RevPiNetIODriver are now available. Just pass the IP address of the RevPi on which RevPiPyLoad from version 0.5.3 with activated plcserver=1 is running as parameter on instantiation.
    The process image is then exchanged over the network. The syntax and functionality of the module remain the same.
  • Further improvements to the code.