Version 2.0.6

Important update!

This update fixes the following errors:

  • Bug fix when using duplicate device names in piCtory. The devices and IOs were not accessible!
    NOTE: The naming of the devices should always be unique, without special characters and comply with the Python guidelines!!!
  • The .cycleloop() could not be restarted after exiting. This bug has been fixed.
  • VirtualDevices in the very old piCtory 1.0 version are now incremented from position number 64 (Kunbus default). These got previously position -1 and smaller.
  • The device functions .get_allios(), .get_inputs() and .get_outputs() will not provide None objects. This occurred if not all bits of a byte were replaced with .replace_io(“name”, frm = “?”).
  • The bool() conversion of an IO object now properly returns False if the value is 0.
  • The .frm attribute of a replaced IO returns the pure formatting character.
  • The .wait(…) function of the IOs checks the parameters passed.
  • Further improvements to the code.
  • Complete code check with unittest including coverage check.