Version 2.3.1

This update introduces the counter-reset of DI / DIO modules!

  • Counter IOs now have the function .reset() to reset the counters on the DI / DIO modules.
    Note: The Wheezy (7) system does not support this in the piControl!
  • Counter can also be reset via RevPiNetIO over the network (RevPiPyLoad at least version 0.7.5).
  • Iterators now issue Python-conforming exceptions.
  • The function .replace_io(...) was offered for all IO objects, but can only be used with gateway or virtual devices. It is now only available on IOs that support this feature.
  • The .mainloop(...) now accepts the no_warn=True parameter to disable runtime warnings.


2 Replies to “Version 2.3.1”

  1. Hello,
    I am having issue disabling runtime warnings. Even after updating to the most recent library I do not see where .mainloop supports the “no_warn” parameter. I only see “blocking” as a supported input parameter.

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Nate!

      We removed the parameter no_warn from the mainloop since version 2.3.2. This is replaced with the debug flag on instantiation.

      The debug flag is false in default. All warnings will appear only once and will no longer flood the console! If you see one of this runtime warnings, you should check your functions. If you want to debug your program, you can set debug to true and you will get each warning at each time (what was the old default).

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