Main class, which is instantiated and includes the piCtory configuration.

class RevPiModIO(**kwargs)
  • kwargs Other parameters:
    • auto_refresh Sets all devices to the auto_refresh and updates the IO data
    • monitoring Sets the module to the monitoring mode, in which inputs and outputs are read but never written.
    • auto_refresh All inputs and outpus are read but NOT set. Used to distribute data to other systems.
    • simulator Interchanges inputs with outputs, making it possible to write inputs and read outputs only. Used for simulation scenarios where a local procimg file must be used!
    • syncoutputs Synchronizes the status of the outputs, which is applied during instantiation.
  • Values for Simulation and testing
    • configrscSpecifies an alternative piCtory configuration file.
    • procimgIndicates an alternative process image.

These values ​​should remain Default!

This class instantiates the following attributes, which can be used to access the configuration and devices.

app = RevPiApp()


devices = RevPiDevicelist()


summary = RevPiSummary()